International hotspots

By Andrew Shirley.

The bulk of the private jet traffic linking Spain’s top five airports with the rest of the world is within the EU. Most flights start or end in France, the UK, Germany, Switzerland or Italy. Russia is also in the top 10 for, Malaga, Ibiza and Mallorca, confirming that Spanish resorts are a popular holiday or second-home destination with Russian families.

However, when we examine the countries that are seeing the fastest growth in private jet travel to Spain, the picture becomes much more varied and really highlights the broad international appeal of the country as a second-home and holiday hotspot.

Although absolute journey numbers remain relatively low in many cases, growth is being seen from Eastern Europe and the CIS, the Middle East and Africa and Latin America. Interestingly, the fastest growing connecting country to Madrid is Venezuela: a reflection of the political and economic turmoil affecting the country.

Although Asian countries like China or India are conspicuous by their absence, this could be because longer flight times mean they don’t fly directly to Spain, connecting instead via London or Paris.


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